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Haverford Garage Door and Opener Installation – What If You Try a Haverford Garage Door and Opener Installation on Your Own?

What would happen if you tried to do a Haverford garage door and opener installation on your own? You might think you were saving money. However, that is not the likely outcome for most homeowners. Do you know how to handle a torsion spring? In fact, do you know what a torsion spring is? If you stand inside the garage when the door is down, you will see a spring sitting horizontal above the garage door. That is the torsion spring. That spring packs a great deal of power in its coils. If you try to remove or install a torsion spring without knowing how to handle it, you may find yourself with a serious injury.

Do you know how to align garage door tracks? In order for your garage door to go up and down evenly and smoothly, the tracks have to be in good alignment. When one side is not aligning with the other, the garage door will have issues. It may be a great deal of rattling at first. Then the opener will have trouble lifting the door evenly. If you know how to properly align the door yourself, that is great. Nevertheless, most do not have the knowledge to make it happen. Bring in the professionals in Haverford garage door and opener installation when your door is starting to have troubles to prevent further damage.

Do you know how to setup the opener and balance the door? The boxes come with instructions. You can find instructions on the internet. Yet, what those experts online do not tell you is that they have done that type of work before. They know how to handle the problems that arise. They know that you have to do things in a specific order or other things will not work. None of this expertise is something they tell you when they claim it is so easy to do a Haverford garage door and opener installation yourself.

Do you know how to setup and calibrate the safety sensor system? Every garage door installed or manufactured since the early 1990s must have a working safety sensor system in order to pass code. That system has a distinct purpose: to prevent accidental closures. Those closures can seriously hurt or kill children and pets. Garage doors are heavy and the torsion springs add additional pressure. Without those sensors working properly, you are putting your children and pets in danger. Bring in the professionals for Haverford garage door and opener installation. They also handle many brands of new garage doors in Haverford.

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