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Are heated driveways worth it in Pennsylvania?

If you have a lengthy or inclined driveway, or reside in regions of the U.S. that experience cold winters and substantial snowfall, considering a heated driveway could prove beneficial. It is important to note that heated driveways are highly efficient, capable of melting up to two inches of snow per hour. This ensures that your […]

Are Garage Doors Covered Under Homeowners Insurance? Exploring Coverage and Common Exclusions

When it comes to protecting your home, understanding the extent of coverage provided by your homeowners insurance is essential. One area of interest for many homeowners is their garage and, more specifically, their garage doors. In this article, we’ll address the common questions surrounding garage door coverage under homeowners insurance and explore the broader topic […]

Will insulating a garage door keep cold out?

Does Garage Door Insulation Work? Many people worry about insulating their garage because they think it will make the space too cold. However, if you live in a place with severe winters, then insulating your garage is a must. A garage that is not insulated can reach sub-zero temperatures, which can damage your car and […]