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Stanley Garage Door Opener Parts

Parts & accessories for Stanley garage door openers and garage doors. Stanley is the hardware of choice for Architects, Contractors, and Home Owners for its quality, performance and dependability. If we don't have the Stanley garage door opener parts you need, contact us.

How to Program a Stanley Garage Door Opener

Programming your Stanley garage door opener is an easy task. Even a novice can take care of this project within a short amount of time. Because people frequently use more than one garage door remote per garage door, this article will show you how to program your Stanley garage door opener so it functions with multiple remotes.

1. Open up the battery compartment on your garage door remotes. The battery compartment, located on the back of the remote, simply slides off.

2. Note the binary rocker switches or the trinary switches in the battery compartment. A binary rocker switch has two sides. One side is "Open" or "Off" and the other side is "Closed" or "On." If your remote has a trinary switch, it should have a "+" on top, "0" in the middle and "-" on bottom. Use the toggle switches to change your garage door remote so they match these codes, and make sure every garage door remote has the same codes so they work properly.

3. Slide the battery compartment cover back on until it clicks back into place.

4. Climb your ladder so you can access the Stanley garage door opener on the ceiling of your garage.

5. Press the "Learn" button on the motor head of the unit. With that button depressed, press the button on your garage door remotes. This sets the transmitters of the remotes so they can operate the door opener.

Stanley Garage Door Opener Front Door Opener

Stanley Garage Door Opener. If you want to learn more concerning the functions built-in of their openers for that doorway with their storage.

Stanley Garage Door Opener is among your many car port front door workers which are proposed to be safe, secure and hassle-free for all those times.

Stanley Compatible Gate and Garage Door Opener Parts and Accessories
We carry a full line of Stanley gate opener and garage door opener, parts and accessories. (Vemco, Quiet Glide, LightMaker, Home Innovative, Whistler, Popular Mechanics, SecureCode were all manufactured by Stanley Works and parts are fully interchangeable.) The items listed below are the most common but not the entire product line. We carry ALL their existing models in the various frequencies from replacement remote transmitters, receivers, keypads, circuit boards and various parts. Call us or email us

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