Top 3 Best Garage Door Opener Apps In 2022

Garage Door Opener Apps and Why Everyone Should Download One!!

If you have own a smart garage door, you can control its operation via your iphone or android phone. Here are the best garage opener apps for your smart garage door opener and what you should know about them.

GogoGate Garage Door Opener

GogoGate app is a garage door opener app compatible with Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and Amazon Echo. This app comes with several features to make your life much easier. For a start, the app comes with the capability of integrating a security camera that helps you monitor the activities around the garage. The app can show you the garage door’s status, whether it is open or closed. It also has voice control, which is helpful, especially when driving.

The installation of this app is relatively easy, even though it only works if you have an active Wi-Fi connection. If you have several Fresno garages, the app will effectively help you as it can work with a maximum of three garage doors. The GogoGate is user-friendly and comes with a simple interface and the ability to add several other users who can control the garage door.

• It comes with a voice command
• Can operate up to 3 doors
• You can add several other users

• In case you need voice assistance, you will need IFTTT applets
• The setup process is tedious


Garage Mate is an application that allows you to control your garage door from your Apple Watch, Android, or iPhone devices. This app uses a small machine with two wires connected to the garage door, with the setup taking between 3 to 5 minutes. After the setup, you need to download the app to your phone and connect it to the device.

GarageMate garage door app uses Bluetooth connectivity and does not need a Wi-Fi connection. The app allows you to add more users to gain access and control the device.

• It allows you to control multiple garage doors
• It provides a safe and secure way of controlling your garage door
• You can protect your garage door with a password using the app
• It is compatible with the Apple watch, Androids, and iPhones

• It has no Wi-Fi connection capabilities
• The app comes with a rather basic user interface

Craftsman Smart Garage Opener

Craftsman Smart Garage Door App is available for Google Android and iPhone devices. The garage door app can only work with garage door openers compatible with Craftsman apps. The app is available at no cost and works together with the connectivity solutions provided by Craftsman AssureLink.

This Smart Garage Door Opener App uses Wi-Fi on the Craftsman AssureLink platform to provide internet access. Since it has no reliance on Bluetooth technology, the app allows you to check the garage door’s status, whether open or closed, regardless of your location, allowing you to either open or close it. An additional functionality that you can also get with this app is the ability to turn lights on and off from remote locations.

However, you will need to have a Craftsman AssureLink Plug-in-Light Control that is separate to achieve this.

• It has compatibility across several mobile platforms
• Has remote ability to check garage door status and control lights
• It allows you to create an opening and closing schedule for the door

• The app will only work with openers compatible with Craftsman garage door openers