Garage Door Opener Keypad – Very Easy To Install!

Almost any garage opener without a keypad can be upgraded very easily and quickly. If you are looking for a wireless keypad that can open or close your door without the need to use a physical key or remote control, you can find one online. A wide range of keypads is available from many manufacturers of openers. Several universal keypads are available on the market which are compatible with many types of door opener brand. We can answer any questions or address any concerns you may have regarding opener keypads. We can install and repair garage door opener keypads with top expert skills at Allan Conkling Garage Doors In Penn State.

Garage Door Opener Keypad – What are the Keypads?

Families with children who come and go without a vehicle may benefit from keypads, which allow for keyless entry. The keypad opens the door on command instead of providing a variety of remotes prone to theft. PIN – personal identification numbers – can be used to access the unit. In some models, you can even create multiple PINs for each family member. A garage keypad is included with most door openers. If your opener does not feature a keypad, you can install one optionally.

Keypads for Garages Have Many Benefits

The convenience of having wireless access into your house, whether it is from your garage or a different door, is not the only reason for its use. It symbolizes security. Security via garage door openers is essential with doors serving as the primary entrance to most homes today. Remote entry keypads are useful for the following reasons:

  1. Having a garage keypad would eliminate the risk of losing or stealing additional keys – research data indicates that 33% of households with children under the age of six have one.
  2. In addition to being locked out more than 60% of the time, people now rely on garage keypads to get in.
  3. Battery failures happen unexpectedly – and remote units can be lost.
  4. You can tie keyless entry pads to alarms and security systems with “open” alerts.
  5. Arrangements can be made so that the cat is fed, the fish are watered, and the plants are watered while on vacation without sharing keys. You can code the keypad while you’re away and recode it when you return using a PIN for one person only.